Tuesday, April 17, 2012

RVP joins Project North's trip to Pond Inlet April 2011

Exactly a year ago RVP was asked to document a special mission from Project North.
To deliver $25K worth of hockey equipment to the youth of Pond Inlet, Nunavut.
Project North is a sports equipment & education campaign to help Inuit youth & children.

Project North was started by Michelle Valberg a local Ottawa Photographer. She is also the President.

The residents of Pond Inlet warmly welcomed a Project North contingent on Friday, April 15, 2011. Pond Inlet is a larger Nunavut community located on the northeastern side of Baffin Island, 700 kilometres above the Arctic Circle , with a population of approximately 1200 hockey fans. Project North was thrilled to bring hockey bags valued at $25,000 to the community of Pond Inlet - given by the NHLPA Goals & Dreams Fund. Kyle Quincey of the Colorado Avalanche NHL hockey team was part of the eleven person group. The kids had a chance to meet with Kyle, they even got to play hockey with him - what a great thrill for all! This is the 10th community to receive a Project North equipment delivery. Ottawa author and photographer Michelle Valberg, co-founder and Co-Chair of Project North is thrilled with this response. It's incredible, the response and all of these great organizations coming together, says Valberg, adding that it is an investment in the future of the Canadian North. This is an opportunity - not only for the children to have better health and cultivate an active lifestyle, but for the community to unite to enjoy Canada's great pastime!, Valberg points out that in many of these areas there are skating facilities, but no equipment, and many families just can't afford it. Also joining Valberg on this adventure is Matthew Langen from the NHLPA Goals & Dreams Fund; Dennis Jackson, Vice President of Scotiabank and his wife Dorothy; Jeff Turner, Senior Director of Sponsorship at United Way and his wife Karen; Ryan Kruyne of KOTT North and Sandy Sharkey from BobFM.

Here also an article written about our trip & the challenges of shooting video in -30C by Zacuto.

Reno Video Productions is also proud to be an official sponsor of PN.

Here are all the videos we have produce so far up to the amazing Casino Royale Fund Raising event held on March 30th,2012


Sylvain Renaud

Project North Vlog April 13th, 2011

Project North Weekend Recap in Pond Inlet April 15th to 17th, 2011

NHLPA goes to Pond Inlet April 17th, 2011

Mittimatalik (Pond Inlet) Jewel of the Arctic

Project North goes to Pond Inlet. April 17th, 2011

Project North Launches Gear Up March 15th, 2012

Monday, January 30, 2012

Melissa & Nathan January 28th, 2012

On January 28th 2012 we began our brand new Wedding Season with Melissa & Nathan's spectacular Wedding in Cornwall.
Our Wedding Film trailer begins with Melissa's heart filled speech to Nathan that really tells you right away how much this couple is meant for each other. Both of them as so sweet.......and it was just amazing to be a part of their special day.
Syl and I drove up the night before just make sure that no elements of nature would deter us from capturing their Wedding Film. From freezing rain to snow the day before the Wedding, we were blessed to have the perfect sunny skies with mild temperatures for the Wedding Day.
Melissa, looked stunning in the fresh white snow with her gorgeous dress and so did her bridesmaids with the contrasting red.
I split up from Syl in the morning to film Nathan getting ready at his parent's house in Iroquois, while he was in Bainsville filming Melissa, it was a bit of a challenge with then having to drive to Alexandria to the church, and then back to Cornwall, but it was all worth it in the end, because we got some amazing coverage for the Wedding Film. The Hotel reception room was spectacular with carved logs placed under the Wedding cakes, candy jars and even the names for the seatings were carved out of little pieces of wood.
It was also a real pleasure to have worked with Ryan Parent and Josh for the first time !!!!!

Ryan Parent Studios | Wedding Photographers


Friday, January 6, 2012

2011 RVP Wedding Season Film Trailer Review

Below we have showcased some of our short wedding film trailers from 2011 and we hope that some of you will enjoy looking at them as we truly did try and capture a number of magical moments. Don't be shy to drop us a line telling us which one moved you the most.

Katie and Sigmund's wedding began at Brookstreet Hotel and ended at Lago with beavertails and lots of dancing, check out some of the moves ........it was hard to not dance ourselves as we were shooting!!!

Sarah and Maroun's day was full of funny moments ........Especially with Sarah's infectious laugh!

Ivonne and Nick showed off with their incredible camera moments which you can see at 1:15 and then topped it off with a very romantic kiss.

Sharon had her wedding dress and veil handmade in Sri Lanka and had to even fly back just before the wedding to have it adjusted.......check out her many different outfit changes and the jewellery!

As Cynthia was having her makeup and hair done, she showed us a picture of her wedding dress on her phone. It was so cool that her dress was featured in the window of McCaffrey's from where she bought it, and now on her special day she was just around the corner from there. How could we not capture that in her wedding film.....?
We don't preplan or rehearse shots from our wedding couples, unless there is a special request. Sometimes, however, we will ask a bride or groom to redo a movement if let's say there wasn't time to properly set a focus or exposure. Getting to meet the couple before their wedding and getting to know them is vital so that then they are able to relax and act naturally during their wedding day. That is why each and every one of our wedding films is uniquely different from one another, just like the couples!

Our first French wedding of the year had us working outside with sweltering warm temperatures at the Hilton at Lac Leamy. It was spectacular outdoor wedding without a tent. The flowers at the alter had to be constantly sprayed with water so that they wouldn't wilt. It was fun speaking French all day and all night!

Another very hot day ........but Christine and Steve hung in there like real troopers during the park session so that we could capture all of their beauty and love for each other in their wedding film!

Christa requested that we get a shot of her dog to be included in her wedding film and after many tries he gave us his best shot! Christa watched Jason going through some preplanned challenges from the bridal party from her parents bedroom while getting ready for the "first look".

Rarely do we see a father of the bride tie the final stages of her wedding dress, but here we have Megan's father doing his best and declaring that it is quite similar to tying up hockey skates. Brandon added a hilarious surprise for Megan before finally finding her garter.

Sarah was very concerned about the weather of her outdoor wedding when she arrived to get ready ...........due to the hurricane!!
It was amazing that mother nature did not disturb any of the planned outdoor activities despite the heavy winds and cold temperature. I remember freezing while filming outside and there was Sarah, in her sleeveless dress. never even uttering a complaint, amazing!

Our first Philippino wedding was amazing! Check out the cool running shoe gifts they gave their wedding party with the individual names written on the shoes. TJ. is a huge basketball fan, can you guess his favourite team by checking out the wedding colour theme?

We had so much fun shooting their park session at the Museum of Civilization with four photographers, with Celia and Bassam's good looks and ease in front of all the cameras, they caused quite a distraction for all the bystanders.

We had the pleasure of shooting Taban and Andre's wedding film not once, but twice! As you can see in this wedding trailer below, it was a cinematographer's dream come true with all of their colourful activities.

We knew when we met Chrisitine and Raja and got to know them before their wedding that they were a couple very much in love and that shooting their wedding film would be all that it was, amazing !!!!!!!

Melissa and Jason's wedding in November was a great way to end the season.........everybody got in the dancing spirit, even the little fellow who really put on a show.

It was a superb season!!! We are so grateful to all of our couples who let us capture their wedding films while being silent observers to such an important moment in their life.

Hope you enjoyed these wedding film trailers and perhaps even shed a tear or a giggle!!!

Friday, February 18, 2011

Vicki & Isaac's Winter Wonderland Wedding

Our very first wedding shoot of 2011 was January 8th. What a beautiful, gorgeous setting at "Chateau Montebello" in Montebello, Quebec. For their recap video Vicki & Isaac chose a classic song by Journey called "Don't Stop Believing".

We also had the Pleasure of working with Valerie Keeler of Valberg Imaging.

This wedding went without ANY hitch whatsoever thanks to Cristie Vito of Stellar Events.

It was our first time working with Cristie on a wedding and we highly recommend her. Thank you Cristie.

Videographers: Sylvain Renaud, Caroline Renaud & Raheel Agha

Edited by: Sylvain Renaud

Produced by Reno Video Productions

Monday, January 3, 2011

October, 2010

Our last full wedding shoot of 2010 ended in a beautiful serene snowfall !
What recap song did Kristina & Danny pick?
"Just Say Yes" from Snow Patrol. How fitting :)
Everyone was so nice to us & the day went by so fast.

We worked with Derrick Rice of derrickrice photography
Awesome guy & photographer !

Produced by Reno Video Productions

Videographers: Sylvain Renaud, Caroline Renaud & Raheel Agha

Edited by: Sylvain Renaud

Wedding recap shot on October 10th, 2010 for Towfiqua & Nafees.
A very Royal Setting indeed !!

We had the pleasure of working with Blair Gables of Blair Gables Photography


Recap is a mash of 2 versions of "All You Need Is Love" by the Beatles

Produced by Reno Video Productions

Videographers: Sylvain Renaud, Caroline Renaud & Raheel Agha

Edited by Sylvain Renaud

Wedding recap of Tina & Alfredo shot on October 2nd, 2010.
What an absolute sweet & nice couple.

Tina likes "Alternative" music , she picked the song "Everything" by Lifehouse

Produced by Reno Video Productions

Videographers: Sylvain Renaud, Caroline Renaud & Raheel Agha

Edited by: Sylvain Renaud

Friday, October 1, 2010

Rachel & Eric September 24th, 2010

It was suppose to rain heavily & steadily all day. Instead we had sunshine setting the stage for Rachel & Eric to have the time of their lives. Everything went perfectly with lots of energy from everyone !
We liked working with Christine Ardley Melenhorst from Love Bunny Photography.
Check out her Blog entry for more photos of this special day.

Produced by Reno Video Productions

Videographers: Sylvain renaud, Caroline Renaud & Raheel Agha

Edited by Sylvain Renaud

Music by Green Day song titled "Time of Your Life".

Thursday, September 23, 2010

Stonefields Heritage Farm

STONEFIELDS Heritage Farm is a newly-designated Event Destination for corporate retreats, special events, private parties, community functions and weddings.

Video Profile of a historic, earthy, natural & beautiful event destination. Stephanie & Steve are so welcoming, friendly, easy to work with. In addition to a great wedding setting, they host a variety of different events.
We will be shooting a music video there in October...stay tuned !

Videographer & Editor: Sylvain renaud

Asst. Videographer: Caroline Renaud

Produced by Reno Video Productions